Moby Wrap Reviews

Moby Wrap Reviews

Moby Wrap Reviews. Here you will find a small selection of customer reviews about the Moby Wrap.

I bought this carrier from Amazon a couple of weeks ago after having a few 'technical difficulties' with a standard carrier. I would say it is 'simple to use' rather than 'basic' (it is only a long length of fabric) but it is very quick and easy to secure and tie. I also feel that my nine week old son is safe and enjoys being in the wrap, and its also handy for keeping in the car for trips out (not sure how weatherproof it would be though). The wrap also came with full instructions as to how to use the carrier in different ways, which will be handy as my son gets older. Overall its great value for money!

I have tried quite a few different slings, ordinary carriers, Babasling, Hugababy sling and have found the Moby Wrap is by far the best sling. It is comfortable whatever age or size your baby or toddler is and it is so easy to use. It is the only sling that i could carry my baby in once she got to about 5mths without getting back ache, she is now 1yr and i still use it occasionally. It is actually a long piece of soft stretchy material and would be possible to make yourself easily. It is perfect for newborns, i used it all the time around the house and you can even put twins in it when they are small. I would recommend this sling to everyone!

Moby Wrap Colours

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Black Moby Wrap Burgundy Moby Wrap Chocolate Moby Wrap Forest Moby Wrap Leaf Moby Wrap
Liliac Moby Wrap Majesti Moby Wrap Moss Moby Wrap Natural Moby Wrap Navy Moby Wrap
Olive Moby Wrap Organic Coconut Moby Wrap Organic Celery Moby Wrap Organic Eggplant Moby Wrap Pacific Moby Wrap
Red Moby Wrap Sienna Moby Wrap Sky Moby Wrap Slate Moby Wrap  

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chocolate Moby Wrap Designs Dandelion Moby Wrap Designs Lilac Moby Wrap Designs Moss Owl Moby Wrap Designs Sand Moby Wrap Designs
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Jade Silk Striper Moby Wrap D

I purchased this sling after looking at reviews and realizing it was branded "Bestseller"...I was looking for a fabric sling that I would be able to use for a while, that was safe and that my baby would feel comfortable in...It ticks all the boxes. She loves it and falls asleep in it in record time! But the best thing for me is that when putting her in the Moby Wrap, I get the freedom of my hand!...but I'm still able to feel close to her.The way the Moby Wrap is worn is also ergonomic and unlike other slings, it's easy on the back, I can carry her for hour without feeling the strain.All round an excellent purchase, I am so pleased with it and I would definitely recommend it! Hope this was helpful, happy shopping!

I love this wrap! I used a chicco sling with my first child and found it hurt my back and was uncomfortable to ware. The moby wrap is very comfortable and easy to use...once you practice a few times. Now i ware it most of the day and can just pop the baby in and out during the day when needed. If she is having an unsettled day it is perfect as she is instantly calm in the wrap, and then i have my hands free to deal with my toddler. It washes really well, and i have actually bought 2 so i can use one while the other is being washed. The moby wrap is also much cheaper than most of the baby carriers out there!

I have tried other wraps/carriers, and I have to admit this one is the best. Moby Wraps >>>